Marissa Meyer’s Sunshine company launches Shine, an AI photo sharing app

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Sunshine Products Inc, the startup begun by Yahoo alums Marissa Meyer and Enrique Muñoz Torres to automate “mundane” tasks, has launched an IOS photo-sharing app called Shine. The app is designed to make easy the process of sharing group photos from events. Shine creates shared albums, to which users and others can add photos in their original resolution.

When “Manual Mode” is selected, Shine’s AI scans photos, select the ones the app thinks are share-worthy, and asks for approval. Once approved, the app uploads them to the shared album. There is also a “Magic Mode,” where the AI automatically uploads selected photos to albums.

Shine is the fourth app released by Sunshine, following Contacts, a contact management app; Birthdays, a birthday reminder app; and Coho, a calendar and to-do sharing app for families.

Meyer was previously CEO of Yahoo and an early employee at Google. Torres was previously SVP of Search and Advertising at Yahoo and Product Manager at Google.