Mediaclip rebrands with a new logo, website

Mediaclip Inc. officially unveiled its new brand image and the vision is reflected in the new design. For 15 years, Mediaclip is a leading worldwide provider of Product Personalization and Product Customization software solutions services.

Mediaclip’s initial focus was to provide consumers and customers with a simple, intuitive, and creative way to personalize their products. The company’s culture was focused on development, research, and awareness of market needs and constraints. The brand image with the green hue of the logo, as well as the composition of the team at the time, reflected this essential growth stage. When it came to designing and producing digital product personalization services, Mediaclip set out to disrupt what companies thought was possible with their personalization technology, the company said. The company’s motivation was to innovate while aligning the solution and its capabilities with customers’ business imperatives and production processes.

Today, however, new challenges are drawing attention. The canvas for market penetration has shifted from a focus on photo-based products to a Web2Print and print-on-demand (POD) environment where consumers can use illustrations, drawings, graphics, text, and other media to personalize their products. In addition, retailers in many other industries are looking to expand their product offerings with personalization, without increasing their inventories. Mediaclip is determined to offer the most powerful software suite with an online editor that is capable of building workflows for personalization on all types of printable products.

One of the biggest hurdles technology teams face today is focusing too much on the technical aspects of software and not enough on business opportunities.

Marion Duchesne, Mediaclip CEO

“Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, 3D, cloud, etc. are irrefutably exciting, but by focusing primarily on the technology, we’re failing to maximize the true value-added of our solution’s capabilities,” notes Marion Duchesne, founder and CEO of Mediaclip. “That’s why we focus on understanding consumer and customer needs and behaviors as they are influenced by the fusion of technologies. Only then will our development efforts focus on the right technologies that can meet those needs,” she concludes.

Mediaclip’s slogan “Bring Your Products to Life” and the new logo uses fresh, bold colors to illustrate that Mediaclip is not just a static solution. The pink used in the new visual and graphic elements represent the company’s willingness to embrace change – to be creative, bold, collaborative, and even playful with its strategy and technologies.

With this renewal, Mediaclip, the company is embarking on a quest to “Bring your products to life”. Emerging innovations are altering the way we communicate, collaborate, and produce products and services. Mediaclip cultivates innovative solutions that are consistent with the ever-changing demands of e-commerce and consumer needs; solutions that are proven to increase conversions.

Mediaclip product lines, including Mediaclip Designer and Mediaclip Hub, offer white-label solutions to create any product, anytime, anywhere. Backed by a most prominent fulfiller network, Mediaclip is a one-stop shop offering online product customization software solutions by leveraging print-on-demand technology, eCommerce, and drop shipping, the company said.

Mediaclip is offered as a fully hosted SaaS or API-integrated solution connecting to any eCommerce platform, with streamlined extensions available for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Adobe Commerce (Magento).

Mediaclip Hub is an Azure-hosted infrastructure; it is robust, secure, scalable, and currently manages up to 1.2 million daily uploads with an uptime average of 99.97%. The Mediaclip web app is used in 137 countries and in 27 languages, supporting more than 2000+ product SKUs.

With Mediaclip ISO 27001 certification, technology is no longer a barrier, it is an opportunity.