Mediaclip releases v8.0 of renowned product personalization software

MONTREAL, QC. July 4, 2019 – Mediaclip™, the world’s premier developer of product personalization software, announced the launch of its newest v8.0 product release last week. This version is packed with new features and enhancements that promise to improve the user experience by offering more creative freedom, as well as simplifying certain actions to achieve results faster. Numerous improvements were also made to further strengthen the overall performance, stability, and speed of the solution.

“We have strayed away from the beaten paths in this release to allow consumers to create items which truly express their uniqueness while succeeding in keeping actions down to the fewest clicks possible,” says Marie-Eve Lemieux, Chief Value Officer at Mediaclip. “Consumers want to have control over the elements within their projects, yet don’t want to be overwhelmed with complicated actions to achieve their vision. And that is, in essence, what this version is all about.” she continues.

In the spirit of delivering the smoothest experience, many functionalities were carefully curated to streamline the creation process while providing more options to the user, allowing them to quickly rearrange layouts of their photo clusters or switch format/orientation of a product with intelligent resizing of all elements within the work area, or even change the color of clipart elements and background overlays to better match their photos. Moreover, v8.0 comes equipped with numerous enhancements that contribute to heightened customer satisfaction and more repeat visits. Subtle labeling, picture zoom limits, and perma-visible page trim/crease indicators allow end-users to be more aware of how their projects will look as a finished product and gives them control over ensuring their items are produced exactly as they intended.

In addition, this release comes with a new CMS software which is meant to make content management, modification, and organization a breeze for website owners and their design teams. Through the CMS, designers can easily preview, test, modify and render themes, manage product categories via a user-friendly interface, convert existing themes to different formats automatically, and much more. Design teams can also benefit from a freshly updated Photoshop Extension which makes it much easier to create content and export it in formats compatible with Mediaclip™ Product Designer. Actions such as exporting multiple layers, enabling/disabling functions, limiting text sizes/characters, and much more, have never been as quick and simple as this before. In short, v8.0 promises to eliminate any extra time spent on basic content management tasks, thereby freeing up designers to create unique products and themes that’ll keep their business ahead of the competitive curve.

“Guided by aspirations of democratizing product personalization, the consumers’ wants have been the cynosure of our latest release, which successfully raises the bar with more creative liberties than ever, along the with a most intuitive creation journey,” says Marion Duchesne, Founder, and CEO at Mediaclip. “Anyone who’s looking to offer product personalization online won’t have to choose between a powerful or user-friendly solution; in Mediaclip, they will find both.”

To see the latest release in action, please request a demo or reach us by phone (1-877-799-2547) for any other inquiries.


Mediaclip™ develops easy-to-use software solutions enabling the creation of any personalized products from consumer and professional photos for businesses, brands and licensed images. Our solutions are offered in a wide range of business models to address the specific needs of our customers’ market strategy. Available as a hosted solution, with apps that make integration with Shopify/Magento a cinch, or can be deployed as an on premise solution.

A privately-held company headquartered in Montreal, Mediaclip offers worldwide support. Our software solutions are currently integrated into hundreds of leading photo websites around the world.