Mimeo Photos launches iOS, iPadOS app

Mimeo Photos App

Mimeo Photos launched its app for iOS and iPadOS. Mimeo Photos’ users can now create their photo projects directly from a iPhone or iPad device. 

“The ease of taking photos and then printing directly from your iPhone or iPad is a gamechanger for our customers,” said Sean Doherty, General Manager of Mimeo Photos. “The phone is such an integral part of everyone’s life, so it made perfect sense to introduce a mobile iOS app so our global customer base can create superior photo products no matter where they are.” 

The Mimeo Photos mobile app offers the same product offerings and creative capabilities as its eCommerce and Apple Photos integrated counterparts:

  • Designed specifically to deliver intuitive navigation, editing, and ordering from a smaller screen.
  • Leverages capabilities of iOS to simplify project creation and checkout, streamline importing of photos and improve order updates through notifications.
  • Access to a library of curated content and resources including photography tips, project creation techniques, and best practices tailored for creating photo gifts on a mobile device. 
  • Ability to start a project on an iPhone and then resume it later on another device such as an iPad or desktop, and vice versa. 
  • Works seamlessly in portrait or landscape mode, ideal for laying out projects like photobooks, cards and wall decor.
“Since the launch of Mimeo Photos for macOS in 2017, it’s been a goal of ours to deliver an equally fantastic experience for iPhones and iPads.” said Jim Simpson, Mimeo Photo’s Vice President of Product. “For many of our customers, an iPhone is not only their primary camera but home to all of their images. Introducing an iOS/iPadOS app gets Mimeo Photos closer to where pictures are taken. We’re incredibly excited to be on this very same device, alongside those valued moments, where we can help ensure they are honored in print and last for a lifetime.”
Coming soon, the Mimeo Photos mobile app will also include Apple Pay for even speedier checkout, enhanced interoperability with other photo editing apps such as Instagram, Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO, ProCamera, etc., along with support for Shortcuts and App Clips.