Neomodern featured on Cheddar

Neomodern, the San Francisco-based concierge retail photo-printing service, had another media win on Dec. 27, with a nearly 10-minute long feature interview on the Cheddar news network. The interview included a review of the highly personalized printing and framing process used by the store, along with the description of the business model.

Michael Rubin, CEO, stressed the importance of printing photos as part of the photographic process. Most great photographers had a fine-art printmaster who produced there work. Neomodern is an extension of this idea, brought to the masses.

“There’s been too much emphasis on putting photos up as ‘home decor,’ and not really thinking of it as photography,” he said. “We live in a world where everyone has an amazing camera, but maybe not everyone knows anything about photography. We’re trying to insert ourselves into that process and help people get their work printed beautifully.”

Opinion: Some readers may question Rubin’s observation about photos-as-decor, as this is one of the massive growth areas of the photo output market, but any business putting an emphasis on photo output in a forum as visible as this worthwhile. Too many mainstream photo-output articles makes price the biggest distinction, when that is one metric. Certainly not every market can support a high-end experience like Neomodern, but it’s refreshing to see the postive response.

There’s room for many types of photo business models, and we hope to cover them in future. – GP

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