ON1 unveils ON1 Portrait AI, new ON1 Photo RAW mobile features, and major upgrade to ON1 Photo RAW

ON1, creators of ON1 Photo RAW, release an all-new AI portrait editing standalone and plug-in, new creative features for ON1 Photo RAW mobile, and unveils the next major upgrade to ON1 Photo RAW & ON1 Photo RAW 360.

The new ON1 Portrait AI is both a standalone and plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Corel Paintshop, Apple Photos and Capture One support coming soon. ON1 says the software carefully analyzes every face in photos, adds the right amount of realistic retouching to the skin, eyes, and mouth, without globally applying the same retouching to each person in the photo.

In addition to ON1 Portrait AI, ON1 also released significant updates to the ON1 Photo RAW Mobile, for iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices. It now includes powerful masking features for targeting specific adjustments and effects and the latest update also consists of the ON1 edge-detecting Perfect Brush to use for exact adjustments. Each of the local adjustments uses ON1’s proprietary raw processing engine as well.

The new effects and filters include ON1’s Dynamic Contrast filter, the gold standard for amazing clarity and detail. Additional new filters include Curves, HDR Look, and Glow to go along with the other built-in filters, including Split Tone, Black and White, Film Grain, Vignettes, and Color Adjustment with more on the way. On the organization side, ON1 adds new easy ways to search and sort photos within the app as well.

The final release in the ON1 fall lineup is the next major upgrade ON1 Photo RAW, version 2021, the professional-grade photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor, and effects app, available this October. Key new features include the full integration of ON1 Portrait AI, which gives photographers an ultra-fast and state-of-the-art portrait retouching workflow.

There is also a completely new method for organizing photos using a Smart Organize mode, making it easy to find duplicates, groups of photos shot at the same time or location, and even find similar looking photos. In addition, Photo RAW 2021 includes a new set of custom brush shapes that give photographers a quantum-leap in creativity. To round out brushes, ON1 is adding new brush flow and stamp controls to let photographers paint naturally.

An all-new fast and non-destructive healing brush for removing distractions like dust spots, power-lines, and unwanted people from your photos is also coming. Other updates include a new full-screen photo preview option, a quick slideshow module for showcasing your work, and new camera-based presets for applying any preset or look based on the camera model. Lastly, a new method to batch HDR and panoramic photos, adding color fill layers, modern user interface improvements, new cameras, and lenses will be available this October.