Opkix receives $90 million valuation upon finishing Series A funding at $5.4 million, with over $6 million raised in the last six months

The World’s First Social Sharing App and Tiny Wearable Smart Camera Designed To Create Incredible Content While In Motion

Opkix One

COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As announced today, Opkix raises $5.4 million at the close of its Series A Financing round and achieves a $90 million valuation. This news arrives as the company gears up to release its flagship product in 2018—the world’s smartest, smallest, and simplest smartphone connected camera. The camera’s groundbreaking design, mobile accessibility, and unparalleled usability attracted the participation of a diverse, high-profile investor pool, uniting leaders across finance, entertainment, sports, music, film, fashion, art and technology.

Ground floor participants include: Bob McKnight (Quiksilver), Travis Brasher & John Kruger (Travis Mathew Apparel), Jennifer Prince (Twitter), Steven Silverstein (Spencer Gifts), Brian Haner a.k.a. Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold), Sal Masekela (Broadcast Journalist), Sarah Tanno (Celebrity Makeup Artist) and Steve Howey (Actor).

Disrupting the wearable optics accessories and mobile camera spaces, Opkix introduces a new paradigm for share-ability and connectivity on-the-go. The compact camera affixes wirelessly to clothing or glasses and links to an integrated social sharing app with connectivity across all social media platforms. Upon capturing content, the app enables users to immediately edit content and post to social media with multiple features and technical capabilities and without any lag time.

“We are thrilled about the incredible response to the company and believe we’ve developed a backing of investors that are unparalleled in their diversity and collective offering to the brand pre-launch. Their support has empowered us to assemble a world-class design, operations and marketing team, and $90M valuation before the launch of our first products,” says C. Lawrence Greaves, Opkix Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are confident that we have hit on the exact social sharing device and platform needed in today’s market to elevate content creation and social sharing to new levels. Opkix has a revolutionary point-of-view that will allow the next generation to share their experiences both hands-free and in the moment, with design elements that include on-the-spot editing, simple camera mounts and charging capabilities that support active, mobile lifestyles.”

Sharing his excitement for the brand, McKnight comments, “The Opkix team is on the cutting edge of new technology and they’ve created a revolutionary suite of products that hits squarely on the needs of millennials. I’m confident that Opkix will change the way we create visual stories for social sharing.”

The camera’s design was inspired by the Founders’ global lifestyles and desire to capture adventures in the moment, hands-free, with no reservations. Its outsized functionality speaks to the demands of artists, athletes, musicians, filmmakers, designers and creatives. Providing an integrated “capture and share” user experience, Opkix is the first camera designed specifically for millennials – a generation that has come to demand sophisticated content creation tools and instantaneous results.

Key design features include:

  • Wireless and wired camera options
  • Hands free with multiple mounting capabilities
  • Luxury anodized aluminum finishes in rose gold, red, black, space grey and white
  • Social sharing app with geo-functionality
  • Seamless integration with outside social media platforms
  • Augmented reality

The Opkix app – a content creation and video editing tool that allows users to create videos to share on other social media platforms – is set to launch in Fall 2017 to a limited influencer base. The Opkix camera will launch to consumers in January 2018.

About Opkix

Born in California, Opkix are the makers of the world’s smartest, smallest, simplest and most powerful tiny cameras and integrated social content app. A global consumer lifestyle brand creating consumer camera products in the wearable, lighting, optics, accessories and mobile camera space, Opkix challenges the conventional methods in which people capture and share videos and content.

For more information and updates please visit www.opkix.com and @opkix.