Photo Finale launches PF Kiosk 1.0

Photo Finale announced new kiosk software: Photo Finale Kiosk (PF Kiosk or PFK). PF Kiosk launches with 1.0 and is a fresh start for a new year on a platform that will allow Photo Finale to develop both kiosk and web quicker and more efficiently, the company said.

Key features include:

  • Responsive UI. PF Kiosk uses the full screen, no matter what size you have.
  • Cloud order archives & account management. All the kiosk orders will be saved and accessible through myLab, just like your online orders are. This means you can reprint easily, find past orders, etc. The metadata for orders can be located in myLab at any time. Photos from orders are kept for 62 days. In the case of a member, the uncropped original photo will still be available indefinitely in most cases — assuming the customer hasn’t deleted it, or their account hasn’t be deleted for inactivity.
  • Central catalog control. Online products and pricing will be pulled through to the kiosk. This means central control across your fleet and less setup and hassle for you.
  • Central benefit control. Promos, coupons, membership benefits, and prepaid plans that have set up online will now work on the kiosk.
  • Built on Chromium. The APM platform used Microsoft Explorer and Flash. With a platform based on the same engine used by the Chrome browser, the kiosk has a stronger, more flexible, and more secure position to take advantage of the latest web technologies.