Photo-Me International changes name to ME Group International

Instant-service equipment company Photo-Me International has changed its name to ME Group International plc, and will trade under the MEGP ticker symbol. Shareholders are not affected by the change. Existing share certificates remain valid and should be retained. The Company’s ISIN (GB0008481250) also remains unchanged.

The change has been coming for a long time. The group’s new corporate brand strategy ‘ME Group’ – which stands for “Making Easy” – was launched in 2021 to reflect the diversification of its operations across photobooths (Photo.ME) as well as laundry (Wash.ME), kiosks (Print.ME) and food vending (Feed.ME). This strategy has now been rolled out across the group’s 20 operating markets.

“Our name change to ME Group International plc announced today is an important milestone for the company,” says Serge Crasnianski, CEO and deputy chairman. “The year 2022 is a significant one for us, as we celebrate our 60th anniversary. We have enjoyed a rich history spanning multiple decades, formerly as Photo-Me International, and have seen an ongoing evolution of our proposition, particularly in recent years.

“‘ME Group’ reflects our diversification and innovation strategy which has been successfully implemented across our core business areas. While our photobooth services remain an important part of our operations, and we are using the best available technology to commercialize the next generation of these products, the group offers an extensive and diverse range of products and services beyond its photobooth heritage. Most notably, we are continuing to grow our presence in the laundry market and working towards our ambition to be a leader in the food vending equipment market in France by the end of next year.

“We are looking forward to the next chapter of our growth, focusing on continued diversification and innovation as we continue to meet the needs of our customers and consumers both today and in the future.”

The Group operates vending units across 20 countries and its technological innovation is focused on four principal areas:

·        Photo.ME    – Photobooths and integrated biometric identification solutions

·        Wash.ME     – Unattended laundry services and launderettes

·        Print.ME      – Digital printing kiosks

·        Feed.ME     – Vending equipment for the food service market