launches Visual Intelligence for Sports at SPAC 2020

Visual Intelligence pioneer showcases SDK to sort through athlete galleries using Computer Vision AI

Las Vegas, NV and Singapore:, developer of Visual Intelligence technologies, will be showcasing new Computer Vision AI toolkits developed specifically for the volume photography market at SPAC 2020 Jan. 22-25, 2020 in booth #308. SPAC is the annual School Photographers Association Convention held in Las Vegas, NV.

“In the last year since our SPAC debut, we have engaged with multiple stakeholders in the school yearbook photography space and listened intently to their pain points and what they need to increase their productivity in delivering a superior product and experience to the fast-growing school photography market,” says Terence Swee, CEO and founder, “In the age of social media, high-quality mobile cameras and advanced software, school and event photographers need to evolve their offerings to capture the imagination and emotions of the school yearbook experience. We are featuring our Sports Visual Intelligence SDK which quickly scans all the shots from a game and automatically sort them into teams, numbers and even suggest the ‘hero’ action shot for each game. No longer do parents have to click, squint and choose photos through mega online galleries to find photos of their athlete; Visual Intelligence (VIQ) does the heavy lifting.”

The Sports VIQ SDK offers developers and brands industry-leading imaging AI, computer vision and face detection plus recognition. Most importantly for mobile sports, school, and event photography companies, VIQ is able to run all of its AI magic on a regular Windows PC or kiosk, making it a truly convenient solution for location-based photography.

The VIQ SDK for Sports has a few key parts:

  • iFace SDK provides face detection, face recognition and face-quality algorithms.  Use it to group same-persons, score portraits based on whether the eyes are open, head is facing the camera (head yaw angle) and whether there is a smile.  The proprietary face-recognition technology is designed to not just work under studio conditions, it also works for outdoor sports with faces in shadows, with eyewear and with other partial occlusions like baseball caps.
  • Jersey SDK scans through a game album and identifies in each shot, the Blue vs Red team, Referee and Coach, along with their number (if visible).
  • Hero SDK contains human pose AI, semantic logic and face technologies to find the “hero shot” which would make the front page of the school sports paper. Using advanced AI, it is currently trained for Basketball and Soccer. The AI is readily customizable to recognize more sports based on licensee requirements.

Other features of the family of technologies include the ability to cut out the outline of the athlete, no matter which awkward pose or action they are in. These are useful for creating a collage made up of the highlights of all the hero shots of Bradley dunking or shooting a three-pointer, or simply putting Jim at the Big Game. These can then be made into novelty print products like locker room posters, vanity calendars or personalized trading cards.

Press and media members can arrange to meet Terence at SPAC 2020 using this link: 

ABOUT PHOTOBOOK.AI is a spin-off from muvee Technologies, the inventor of automatic video editing and holder of more than 26 patents. Harnessing 20 years of experience in analyzing and summarizing photos and videos, develops Visual Intelligence AI to solve modern day problems of mobile photography.

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