provides update on new customers, features

Singapore-based AI photo/imaging software provider announced a series of updates and client announcements. Among the new features:

QuikPrints: The company added a super-fast order flow just for prints. Users can pick an entire folder or date range of photos, order reprints of some of them, and add-to-cart in a single step.

Collage:  Support for “Multi-Photo Single-Surface” (MPSS) products (like collage posters) are now baked into the mobile platform with added support of multi-page variants (like photo strips). Creating wall art with multiple photos has always been popular even before Instagram, but creating such products was not easy for consumers and producers alike. ensured the collages are algorithmically calculated, so all kinds of wall-art dimensions and shapes are supported.

Framed photos: are now also supported. We upgraded the architecture to be able to easily define such products from our product configurator. Now you can roll them out without updating to the client app. Framed photos allow users to pick frames with different colors and finish, and see them in our RealSense preview which will show the actual photo that users have ordered set in the frame of choice, mounted in a familiar scene like a living room, which shows the relative size of the product the user is ordering.

Non-printable products  Now you can also sell photo accessories like frames, and picture hangers from the mobile app. All such products can be added into your product catalog easily and it will appear in the app clients upon next launch. All without the need to update the app.

New customer announcements

In the first quarter, published five white-label apps for customers in Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland.

MaxPhoto was released for the Max Spielmann group. Max Spielmann has a network of more than 450 photo specialty retail stores all across the United Kingdom. This app was the first to use the “store pick-up” feature. Users can easily find the closest Max Spielmann store they want to pick up from.

Pixelnet Fotos was developed for ORWONet of Germany; one of the largest white-label print fulfillment companies in Germany that prints for many retailers in the DACH region with millions of orders a year.  This app integrates ORWO’s legacy CRM and order management system, so that previous users of the various branded websites can also sign-in to the mobile app and vice versa without the need to create a new account. It integrates the entire product capabilities of ORWONet, meaning future client-specific variants of their app will have easy access to all or some of those products.

Photobookshop is based in Melbourne Australia and is well known for quality photobooks with great value pricing. They now also have one of the widest print gifts catalogs. Their white-label app includes photo gifts like jigsaw puzzles, coasters, pillows, and other fun innovative products.

Puppibook – Puppibook came to with a very simple vision: to address the pet-parents market. The company not only developed the Puppibook app, through our print network, but Puppibooks was also able to be up and running and fulfilling quality photobooks in the United Kingdom within weeks. Puppibooks will soon be available to proud, fanatic pet parents in Australia and the USA.

Remoment – Fotoklok of Sweden wanted a clean and quick app to make elegantly-simple photobooks which exudes Scandinavian simplicity and quality. Remoment was an early adopter of our Version 2 app and has now upgraded to the latest V3 codebase. This includes a complete replacement of the payment module to support Klarna Pay Later, which is a very popular payment system in Scandinavia.

Black’s Photo – will soon go live with Black’s photo app in Canada. is the most well-known photo printing site in Canada and is known for its quick and fast service. Blacks wanted a streamlined way for users to make photo books from the photos that are stuck on their mobile phones. Although they have a mobile responsive webstore and even an uploader app, uploading hundreds of photos through a web browser method on a mobile device is fraught with a multitude of problems. The initial release of the Blacks photo app will feature their three best sellers: their Softcover perfect bound books, hardcover PUR, and luxurious Layflat books.

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