Photography startup Prodibi unveils photo security feature

  • Prodibi provides an unprecedented online visual experience by displaying full resolution images without slowing down websites, even on mobile.

  • Since its official launch in October 2017, Prodibi has grown its user-based of photographers by 25% month-on-month.

  • Prodibi has delivered over 30 million photos for more than 2’500 users from 80 countries in the world.

Prodibi, the first solution for photographers to support full quality image display and sharing, has announced the launch of new security features to provide its premium users with extra protection.

Prodibi images are more secure than standard pictures by nature since only the parts and resolution needed are streamed to the viewers of these photos. The original image is never sent to the device of the viewer unless the download capacity is enabled. On top, right-click on the pictures is disabled, and all new albums are by default private.

As of today, Prodibi allows its users to strengthen even more their security by enabling URL encryption, image encryption, and stealth mode. URL and images encryption will make it difficult for an attacker to automate the download of photos while stealth mode will make images invisible in the browser debugger. The encryption of photos can always be on or only when zoomed in at 100% to ensure the best compromise between quality, performance, and security.

By encrypting the entire flow of online images, Prodibi helps dramatically reduce the risks of being attacked.

“After solving the issues of image quality and performance, it was a natural step to tackle the security question. We do have additional security features under development, notably around password protected galleries, access control for transfer links, and copyright protection,” explained Olivier Hamel, co-founder of Prodibi. “It is consistent with our mission to positively impact the lives of photographers on every touch point they have with their images.”

To protect against the usual copy and screenshots, users can also now add a watermark. The watermark can always be visible or applied only when zoomed in at 100%.

About Prodibi:

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Prodibi is a unique image display solution that enables photographers to display and share stunning images in full quality and full speed on the web and mobile. Prodibi takes care of everything for photographers automatically and in seconds, from the upload to the encoding and delivery of the images. Prodibi empowers photographers to express themselves and showcase their full creative potential with any image of any size on any device.

No compromise anymore, with Prodibi, one can experience the full-resolution quality of pictures without the disadvantages. Prodibi solves all issues of displaying images online without slowing down websites, from the quality and size of photos to their formatting, compression, responsiveness, cropping, pixel density, color management, and security.

Prodibi is free to use for up to 2 GB of storage and is available at Prodibi is available on the web and has plugins for WordPress and Lightroom. Both IOS and Android mobile apps are under development.

In details:

  • Upload your images in full quality and full size directly, we take the maximum resolution and preserve it (even raw, psd, tiff).
  • Easily embed your full-resolution photos to your website without slowing down your pages.
  • Enable razor-sharp zoom to the 100% size of your images, without losing in quality.
  • Easily organize, select, and customize your image galleries to fit your style.
  • Share and send your full-resolution pictures and galleries to anyone, publicly or privately.
  • Allow the download of your images with custom settings and expiration dates.
  • Enable extra security for the pictures that matter the most.