Piktology picks Taopix for photobook commerce platform

Piktology has chosen Taopix as their DIY (Do It Yourself) Photobook commerce platform as they launch as an extension of the PikPerfect brand. PikPerfect offer a design and print service of albums (photobooks, Lay-Flat albums and premium albums) and have grown exponentially since their inception in 2012. Owner and co-founder of Piktology, Rushad Vevaina, along with his wife Maike, opened the self-design part of their business after realizing that there are a number of clients that would prefer to do it themselves. Thus, Piktology was born in November 2018.

“As PikPerfect, our core business is creating beautiful designs for our clients of their most precious memories, like wedding albums. However, we’ve found that some clients who have approached us, were asking us to supply a tool for creating these albums themselves,” says Vevaina. “We started investigations a few years ago, but we decided to focus on building PikPerfect into an established brand first. In the beginning of 2018, we decided it was time to diversify our offering and allow clients the option of creating a beautiful album themselves. In order to clearly define the options within our business offering, we created our second brand, Piktology,” continues Vevaina.  “There are a number of reasons we chose to go with Taopix over other suppliers, the most important being the color correction integration, the high-quality look and feel of the tool and the excellent customer service we received,” Vevaina concluded.

The long-term goal for Piktology is to become the preferred supplier of photo albums to consumer & professional clients who want to be in control of their design. Currently they focus on the US and UK markets, but are able to ship their products to all of Europe and rest of the world as well.

“The personalized photo-gift market is estimated to be worth $6BN in 2019 in the US alone, and we are excited to welcome Piktology to the Taopix family. Through their existing PikPerfect brand, Rushad and Maike’s team have built trust with their existing clients. We believe that the addition of Piktology to their offering is a good strategic move for their business and it has been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to seeing the brand flourish in 2019,” says Michael Carey, Business Development Manager in EMEA for Taopix.

Taopix is the world’s leading personalization and photo gifting white-label e-commerce platform. If you would like more information on how your business can grow using our software or if you would like to get in touch, visit https://taopix.com

About Taopix:

Taopix Limited is a UK-based privately funded software development company established in 2007.

The company is solely involved in the development, sale and support of its innovative photobook and photo gift software platform, typically deployed by photo gift retailers, print service providers and photofinishing companies.

Taopix is distributed via a dedicated network consisting of its own global team and a worldwide reseller channel. Taopix HQ is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with offices in the USA, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

Strategic partnerships have also been established with leading digital print manufacturers, photo-centric solution providers and finishing equipment manufacturers to drive sales and promote awareness of Taopix worldwide.

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