PPA launches education platform for photographers

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) launched a redesigned online education platform, featuring an improved user interface and user experience, complete with structured curriculums allowing members to complete assignments and track their individual progress.

Other new features allow learners to create their own playlists of their favorite videos or to explore the platform’s “Deep Dives,” which give photographers in-depth overviews of subjects including branding, marketing, entrepreneurism, and sales. A sizable portion of the content is also available to non-members who create a guest account on PPA.com.

With more than 900 individual tutorials taught by more than 150 instructors, the nonprofit’s educational resources have long been a central part of its member benefits. The organization originally established a professional school called the Winona International School of Professional Photography, which opened in 1921, and quickly became famous for its instruction. PPA made its learning resources available to members online in 2013. The initial offering of 170 videos was met with positive feedback from members, and the library of classes has only grown and diversified in subject matters since then.

“The website’s new interface and functionalities take the huge library of existing material and makes it more accessible to our members, no matter what type of learner they are or what stage of their career they’re in,” said Angela Kurkian, PPA Director of Education. “One of the things that make PPA’s education stand out is that it is truly comprehensive; the quality and quantity of instructors ensures every user will find information to improve their business and craft.”

In addition to its online resources, the association also offers members learning opportunities with its workshops and image competitions, through which participants can earn merits towards one of PPA’s four professional degrees.