ProGrade Digital debuts third-generation CFexpress 2TB card

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ProGrade Digital, Inc. announces its new higher capacity third generation of 2TB CFexpress Type B Gold memory cards. ProGrade Digital 3rd generation CFexpress 2TB cards provide read speeds of up to 1,700MB/s and burst write speeds of up to 1,500MB/s and sustained write speeds of up to 1,300MB/s – ideally suited for high-resolution video capture applications, the company said. To differentiate the new generation from prior generations, the sustained write speed is now clearly stated on the card’s top label.

“The introduction of our 3rd generation CFexpress 2TB Gold cards provides the extra-large capacity and performance needed for a very broad range of video capture needs,” said Wes Brewer, founder, and CEO of ProGrade Digital. “Our introduction of a 2TB capacity point, ensures that nearly all video capture modes can be utilized while also meeting traditional read speeds for quick offloading.”

ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type B 2TB Gold Memory Card:

  • Maximum read speed up to 1700MB/s
  • Burst write speed up to 1500MB/s
  • Minimum sustained write speed up to 1,300MB/s
  • Capacity: 2TB
  • MSRP: $799.99