Mediaclip announces partnership with Flipnix Solutions

June 27, 2017  Montreal, Quebec — Mediaclip Inc., a leading developer of white-label personalization software solutions, and Flipnix Solutions, a leading integrator/eCommerce solution developer in Malaysia, are proud to announce a new partnership through which they will widely deliver a top-tier solution for the online selling of customizable printed products to the APJ region.The award-winning product personalization solution by Mediaclip will be pre-integrated into Flipnix Solutions’ eCommerce platform as well as the platforms of other firms in the Flipnix Partner Network. This integration will allow printers, manufacturers, and retailers to create and sell an infinite number of products on their own uniquely branded website. Through this joining of services and expertise, customers can take advantage of the freedom and the means to explore new market segments that go beyond photobooks, calendars, and photo gifts. Examples of product lines and segments that can augment existing offerings include personalized labels and packaging, home décor, office/promotional products, textiles/apparel, marketing agency campaigns, B2B2C microsites, and more. Flipnix will further offer integration services and support to our Asian customers and will act as a reseller for the Mediaclip cloud-based solution, Mediaclip™ Hub.

“This partnership allows us to expand our footprint in the Asian market alongside a company that possesses unmatched expertise in e-Commerce,” says Marion Duchesne, CEO of Mediaclip.  We believe that the shopping experience needs to be memorable throughout the product personalization process and for that to happen, the creation tool must be supported by e-Commerce best practices such as upselling/cross-selling, merchandising, powerful shopping carts, etc; Flipnix provides all this and more. Together, we have no doubt that we can help online retailers in the region unlock the full potential of their printed products simply by giving end-users the ability to add a personal touch.”

Mediaclip™ Hub solution is a hosted, SaaS-enabled online service providing the entire imaging infrastructure required to offer the personalization of any printed product online. It features the Mediaclip Designer, which provides a memorable user experience with an easy-to-use creation tool and stunning realistic 3D previews, which help to spike up the conversion rate and increase revenue generation. The solution easily integrates with all existing e-Commerce and print fulfillment processes and helps automate the workflows from shopping to delivery. Webstore owners also have the flexibility to manage and expand their product selection.

Flipnix Solutions offers eCommerce services that deliver high-quality web designs with data-driven revenue generating tools built right in. The eCommerce platform is designed specifically to help businesses create an online experience that sells, from sales data and analytics through to product management and promotions. Built on top of one of the best content management systems available, store owners have full control of their products lines as well as access to every detail of their business without the need for in-house web development expertise.

For more information on Mediaclip Hub’s integration with Flipnix and to learn more about how this partnership can help your store increase revenues, heighten brand recognition and solidify customer loyalty for repeat business, contact [email protected] and a representative will assist you with your query.


Mediaclip™ is a leading provider of white-label software solutions allowing its customers to offer online personalization of any product. Our delightful user experience is designed to work on any device and our technology allows you to customize the look and feel of the tool in order to reflect your brand and differentiate yourself from everybody else in the market. Our solutions are offered in a wide range of business models to address your specific needs and help you execute your market strategy.A privately-held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Mediaclip offers worldwide support. Our software solutions are currently integrated into hundreds of leading photo websites around the world.


Flipnix Solutions provide organizations with the full set of tools needed to launch and manage successful online businesses. Their principles reside on providing value, affordability and helping businesses succeed online. Effective web presence is often more than just having a website; a strong brand and a regular influx of qualified leads are also needed. Thus, not only does Flipnix provide quality eCommerce websites equipped with payment systems, mobile apps, and SEO, but also offers Facebook Messenger Bot, WeChat Official Account, online POS systems, and invoicing/quotation software. The company has designed their entire processes and products around providing everything a business needs when they are starting out.

A company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Flipnix is an expert in eCommerce trends and merchandising principles. Hundreds of websites across the APJ region rely on Flipnix’s products, services, and support to create the ultimate online shopping experience.

Source: Proudly announcing a new partnership with Flipnix Solutions | Mediaclip