Registration deadline for IPIC 2019 fast approaching; new speakers announced


The registration deadline for IPIC 2019 by the Independent Photo Imagers (IPI) is Jan. 18, 2019. After Jan. 18, IPIC registration may be full price. Hotel rooms at the M Resort will be subject to availability and full rack rates. Hotel registration information is here, rates will go up Jan. 18th at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

IPI also announced updates to the burgeoning speaker list, which includes experts on strategy, on sale and on marketing.The full listing of events and registration information is here.

March 4

Don’t miss the most anticipated session of the year! David Carrillo will transform your entire production process so you can increase productivity and dominate your standings in the marketplace. This live demonstration will show you how to create an effective Command Workstation, Fiery Impose, correct server presets, hot folders and handling virtual printers. Don’t just come alone, bring your whole team, this presentation will give everyone the tools your business needs to succeed.

March 5

Search engine optimization is a moving target, but there are some tried and true basics that rarely change. This session will cover: Simple SEO strategies you can implement immediately Website provider suggestions to speed up your website How to optimize images for SEO What “relevancy” is and why it’s important for your SEO (and your social media!) A fantastic tool that identifies the right keywords to use in your social media, blog posts, paid ads, and other content marketing efforts
It’s time to refresh the way you do your sales thang. Professional Sales Coach, Karla Lewis, will motivate and inspire you to create at least 10 new realistic ideas that you can use to get more sales, make more money and have more fun at work! But don’t just take our word for it. Karla Lewis has been known to help rebuild our members’ sales numbers through her life-changing coaching and real-world experiences. In her session, she’ll cover topics such as: • how to never get screened on a phone call again • Increase your closing % by creating crafted questions • creative marketing pieces that will actually get people to call you back • how to overcome customer’s misconceptions about the market Bring your employees, bring your managers, heck, even bring your family; her session is filled with realistic actionable items that anyone can accomplish.

March 6

THIS IS A TWO-PART SESSION. Deb + Bill Johnson, owners of Robin Imaging Service, will give you all the tools you need to transform your photo lab into an artwork production house. They’ll share their personal story of changing their business both physically and mentally in order to find financial success in a new market. From upgrading to new equipment to changing the team culture they took the risk of jumping into a pond and came out smelling like success. Now it’s your turn! They’re ready to share their secrets and provide you with all the ‘must know’ information so you can take the leap and succeed in this niche market. So if you’re an owner, manager or team member ready to move your company forward, this two-parter of a session will show you how. So say ‘Goodbye’ to the old ways and ‘Hello’ to life outside the box.
Augmented Reality is quickly becoming a popular technology among smartphone users as Apple and Google continue to drive the push towards immersive experiences. With thousands of AR apps currently available on iTunes and Google Play, over 20 million downloads since 2017 and a projected global revenue of $200 billion just in AR, this technology is the fastest growing segment of mobile apps. Over the past few years, S-One, LexJet’s parent company has been developing new ways of using AR in commercial printing and professional photography and at the IPIC Show in Las Vegas, they will demonstrate one of their latest technologies that allow users to take images from their phone or tablet and augment canvas prints and framed photos on walls. Topics that will be covered in the AR class: What is Augmented Reality and how it differs from Virtual Reality Technological trends towards Augmented Reality How AR can grow your photography and art business Where AR is already being used in fine art How you can have your own AR experience for your customers


The full program is listed here.