Saramonic unveils Blink500 B2+ wireless mic system

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Blink500 B2+ in use

Saramonic released the Blink500 B2+ wireless microphone system, equipped with USB-C, Lightning, 3.5mm TRS, and 3.5mm TRRS connectors. The 4-in-1 Blink500 B2+ boasts wide compatibility with most shooting devices. The Blink500 B2+, an upgraded version of the Blink500 B2, allows dual-device connectivity with one receiver at the same time. The company says this is ideal for live streamers, content creators, and broadcasters to connect and record audio on two devices simultaneously.

Blink500 B2+

The Blink500 B2+ delivers wide compatibility with cameras, computers, and mobile devices, the company said. This 4-in-1 solution empowers content creators to seamlessly adapt to any recording scenario, from solo podcasts to dynamic interviews and collaborative content creation.

The Blink500 B2+ has significantly improved battery life. The system can record continuously for up to 20 hours, and the charging case provides one full cycle of recharge, extending the usage time to a maximum of 40 hours.

The Blink500 B2+ microphone system comes with a 2-level noise reduction function and low-cut filter, ensuring a clean and immersive audio experience, free from unwanted distractions. The advanced 2.4GHz wireless system guarantees seamless connectivity, providing reliable and interference-free performance, the company claims.