See pictures on the wall before placing an order: WhiteWall releases augmented reality app

App Users Can Visualize Pictures To Scale on any Wall and Save, Share, and Order Final Selections Directly Through the App

New York, January 22, 2019 ― When vacation photos, landscape images, and family portraits are turned into stunning wall art, they become daily reminders of life’s most beautiful moments. But how will the pictures actually look when they are hanging in the living room or bedroom at home? Using the WhiteWall Augmented Reality App, customers can instantly view and experiment with their pictures on the wall before placing an order.

WhiteWall AR app lets the user previsualize where the finished print will hang, and allow adaptation of frame colors.

Available for iPhone and iPad, the WhiteWall AR App creates to-scale visualizations in the blink of an eye. After calibrating the device and selecting an image from their own photo library, users can change its size and frame, and even reposition the picture at will. They can then move freely about the room and view their perfectly hung picture from every angle – all without a hammer or nails. The selected image can also be changed at any time with just a couple taps of the finger. With impressively detailed 3D renderings, the app is the ideal way to preview cherished photos hanging on the wall. It is possible to save and share these previews, or even to order directly through the app.

Fans of purist aesthetics can visualize their pictures as frameless acrylic-mounted photo prints in sizes ranging from 3.5” x 3.5” to 106” x 70”. Those who prefer a more traditional look can see their photo in a wood frame with a museum mat. With sizes ranging from 5.9” x 5.9” to 43.3” x 27.5”, this frame is available in black, brown, and white, meaning it can be adapted to match other furnishings in the room. What is especially nice is that the width of these traditional photo mattes can also be adjusted to taste, ensuring the focus is appropriately directed to the image itself.

About WhiteWall

WhiteWall is a professional online photo lab based in Berlin, Germany. Their unique blend of custom photo processes and finishing services have provided photographers and consumers alike with gallery quality products since 2007. Best known for its photos under acrylic glass, brilliant HD Metal and aluminum prints, and hand-crafted frames, the award-winning online photo lab offers over 1,000 different product variations. As the exclusive lab for about 40 LUMAS galleries around the world, all WhiteWall customers can be assured that their photos are given the same white-glove, professional care as those displayed in exhibitions. All products are produced in Germany, available in custom sizes and shipped worldwide in custom cut packaging for maximum protection. The showroom and retail store in New York City gives customers an opportunity to see all the WhiteWall options on display and receive professional assistance onsite before placing their online orders directly to from kiosks located in the store.