Suite 48a announces “COVID-19 Mitigation and What’s Next Survey” report

Leading imaging industry research company Suite 48a has published a free “COVID-19 Mitigation and What’s Next Survey” report.

“It’s hard to describe the impact COVID-19 has had so far without sounding like a broken record –the one you keep hearing over and over in the news, or when talking with colleagues, customers or industry partners,” says Hans Hartman, Suite 48a. “In many parts of the world the human tragedy and economic impact are such that they were, until recently, unfathomable – and we are not even close to seeing the end of the tunnel.”

With the unrelenting bad economic and health news, the goal of the report is to share ideas of how photo/video ecosystem executives are responding to the crisis, whether they’re helping their COVID-stricken communities, deploying measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis, or rethinking their entire business strategy in order to position themselves as well as possible for the aftermath.

The organization ran the “COVID-19 Mitigation and What’s Next Survey” from April 15 to May 1, promoted Visual 1st Perspectives readers,  piv (Photoindustrie-Verband), The Imaging Alliance, and IPI. Representatives of 53 companies from different parts of the photo & video ecosystem and even different parts of the world (see chapter 2) responded and took the time to share their experiences and perspectives.

Download the free report here!