Tether Tools integrates with PhotoLynx Flow software

Tether Tools announced Smart Shooter 4 was configured to integrate with PhotoLynx’s high-volume school photography software, Flow. With this integration, Smart Shooter’s TTL barcode and QR code reader functionality can now apply data immediately to each image’s filename upon capture. Smart Shooter captures the Barcode/QR code data through the lens or via scanner, ensuring the data is applied immediately to the file. By feeding data-rich images into Flow software, Smart Shooter allows automatic syncing of the image with the subject and package data. With this integrated solution, Smart Shooter and Flow provide users the ability to further automate high-volume workflow and save time in image upload and post-processing.

“We are always focused on providing photographers a faster, more integrated approach to their workflow,” says Josh Simons, Tether Tools’ Co-Founder and VP, Product Development. “Tether Tools’ Smart Shooter direct integration with Flow provides this streamlined approach so high-volume photographers can spend more time creating photos and less time organizing them.”

“With Tether Tools’ Smart Shooter directly integrated into Flow, users can now take advantage of the tether and capture features to feed images into Flow. We are very excited about this new workflow; it allows us to remove the student look-up feature and keep the focus on photography,” says Tim McCain, Chief Revenue Officer, PhotoLynx.