Tracer Imaging releases magnetic 8×8 photo tiles

TilePix Wall Décor

Tracer Imaging released TilePix™ for iOS, a smartphone app for creating the company’s 8×8 photo tiles that snap to a wall with a  magnetic mounting system. TilePix can be easily repositioned.

The TilePix magnetic mounting system uses a proprietary and patented Stick&Slide hanging technology. The centerpiece is an oversized, removable magnetic wall pad which holds the frame securely to the wall while enabling unlimited adjustments. As the wall pad is 44% larger than the magnet on the back of the frame, the frame can be moved widely in all directions while maintaining complete contact with the wall pad.

TilePix is also designed and lab tested to work on a wide variety of wall surfaces. For smoother walls with glossier finishes, the removable adhesive on the wall pad is all that’s required for years of enjoyment. With an enhanced fastener, TilePix even works on rougher walls or flatter finishes. TilePix frames are available in black with frameless and white frames arriving in January 2021.

TilePix Wall Décor

“Photo tiles are an affordable way to surround yourself with life’s little moments,” said Steven Spiro, CEO, Tracer. “But the photo tile business is overcrowded today with products which are virtually the same. We saw a massive opportunity to bring a truly innovative product to market with a delightful customer experience. We’re thrilled to introduce the world to TilePix.”

The TilePix for iOS app is designed to help customers lay out their memory walls. Customers can apply color or black-and-white filters in one tap, and there are two matte colors to choose from. In another first, users can pick up smaller TilePix orders at their local Walgreens same day, or have larger orders delivered via FedEx, with free shipping.

TilePix offers simplified pricing, with savings from 10% to 40% based on quantity purchased and free shipping on every order. TilePix start at $14 each but can cost as little as $8.40 in greater quantities. TilePix is also offering a $99 annual “TilePix Plus” membership, where members save 40% on every order and also get nine free TilePix which can be redeemed anytime during their membership.