Urbanimmersive integrates ChatGPT with UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot

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Urbanimmersive Inc. announced having integrated ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with their UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot available in all its 3D tours subscription.

UiMeet3D is Urbanimmersive’s proprietary technology enabling viewers to engage in immersive, real-time interactions with other 3D avatars (visitors) within 3D virtual tours. Each 3D avatar, is represented by the viewer’s webcam video streaming. UiMeet3D Avatar Greeting Bot on its part is an optional virtual host emulating another person’s avatar with the specific job of generating leads by greeting each visitor entering a 3D tour, performing simple tasks and chat prompts.

The integration of ChatGPT will now enable UiMeet3D Greeting Bot answering questions related to the environments limited to curated information selected by the clients. Urbanimmersive’s 3D tours come equipped with a wealth of information, including property descriptions, neighborhood details, and 2D floor plans.

“We are excited to start working with this groundbreaking AI technology into our 3D tours and offer it to our clients within their monthly subscriptions,” said Ghislain Lemire, CEO of Urbanimmersive. “Integrating ChatGPT within UiMeet3D was a natural fit and a logical next step, as we have been promoting and teaching our clients how to use our Greeting Avatar Bot for a time now. We have also worked in parallel on creating a viewer behavior big data set as we previously announced which now turns out to be highly valuable. For me, it makes no doubt that going forward, businesses that will build a substantial amount of organized and structured data sets would be the ones that would leverage the most AI integration such as ChatGPT.”