Viesus Cloud partners with Fiery

Viesus Cloud, the provider of an image enhancement and upscaling tools, announced its partnership with Fiery, LLC, providing seamless integration with Fiery JobFlow. Fiery is a leading Digital Front End (DFE) technology for production and industrial printing. The integration will provide users with access to advanced image enhancement and upscaling capabilities directly within Fiery JobFlow, a print automation software solution that automates labor-intensive prepress workflows.

By adding the Viesus Cloud integration, Fiery JobFlow users will be able to automate the process of enhancing and upscaling images for print, saving time and reducing manual clicks. This integration will also improve the overall print quality and consistency, especially for large format printing, where enlarging images can often result in reduced quality and artifacts. This integration benefits both print service providers and their customers.

“By integrating Viesus Cloud into Fiery JobFlow, we are offering our users the most advanced image enhancement and upscale tools available in the market,” said Hans Sep, Product Line Manager at Fiery, LLC. “We are excited to provide our users with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that will significantly improve their print quality and reduce manual effort as they work to meet their customers’ time and quality needs.”

Viesus Cloud offers a variety of advanced image enhancement capabilities, including automatic color correction, image sharpening, and noise reduction.

“Viesus is proud to be partnering with Fiery, LLC, to provide JobFlow users with access to our cutting-edge image enhancement technology,” said Servi Pieters, Product Manager at Viesus. “Our technology, which uses AI-supported upscaling technology, is designed to optimize and enlarge images for print, making it a natural fit for Fiery JobFlow display graphics users. We look forward to seeing the benefits this integration will bring to print service providers and their customers as more of them adopt the Viesus solution for use with the Fiery workflow they are already comfortable with.”