ViewBug teams up with MetaFrames for NFTs

London-based media startup, announced its partnership with the global photography and photo sharing community ViewBug, where  MetaFrames will become ViewBug’s official NFT (non-fungible token), Web3, and virtual gallery partner. The announcement said the partnership will enable members of ViewBug’s photography community to create their own virtual galleries on the MetaFrames platform, and curate and tailor their own 3D and VR spaces. ViewBug’s users will be given access to MetaFrames’ creator tools, as well as IP protection, premium licenses with consumer and entertainment brands, and have the opportunity to earn from their creations with sales and royalties.

“At MetaFrames, we are huge advocates of the creator economy – one that is fuelled by creators earning direct revenue from their own work,” says Sanjay Wadhawi, CEO and founder, MetaFrames. “For this to become a major part of the global economy, collaboration across the creative industries is key – which is why this partnership with VIEWBUG unlocks so much potential for both businesses and creators alike. We hope the collaboration between MetaFrames and VIEWBUG will enable creators, artists and photographers to take the leap into the world of NFTs and the metaverse.”

MetaFrames is a decentralized and democratized platform for creators, artists, photographers and brands, due to launch in June 2022. The London-based startup says it is focused on building a platform that is community-focused and will fully safeguard its users against unauthorized copying and ensure creatives enjoy royalties on secondary sales.

“Our passion and mission has always been to empower creatives worldwide, and the partnership with MetaFrames will ensure we take this to the next level for our users,” says Ori Guttin, co-founder, ViewBug. “We are two businesses that share the same values and vision towards the future, and we could not be more excited to help build the metaverse together.”

“With 50 million active creators across the globe, just a small fraction are generating a full income from their endeavors,” says Wadhawi. “One of the driving forces behind MetaFrames is to place a greater share of the wealth created online back into the hands of the original creators – and to provide a safe space in which they can create, collect and connect with one another.”