Visual 1st announces 2024 panel topics and confirmed presenters

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Visual 1st, the annual conference promoting innovation and partnerships in the photo and video industry, announces this year’s panel topics, as well as the first fireside chat presenter, moderators, panelists, presenters, and Visual 1st Awards judges. Visual 1st will be held Oct. 16-17, 2024, in San Francisco. The Dead Pixels Society is a Visual 1st and will once again hold a pre-conference coffee meetup on Oct. 16.

This year’s first announced fireside chat presenter is Jeff Herbst, early-stage AI and frontier technology investor and Founding Managing Partner of GFT Ventures, a fund that also invested in last year’s Visual 1st Best Technology Award winner, BRIA. Herbst will share his perspectives formed by his journey from 20 years as NVIDIA’S VP of Business Development to founding GFT, a $140 million venture fund focused on AI.


Among this year’s Visual 1st panel topics are:

Innovation in photo print products, technology, and manufacturing.
Where is the money?

The photo print industry continues to thrive and transform itself to meet evolving customer demands, while leveraging advances in hardware, software, AI tech, and manufacturing.

Our panel of experts will explore today’s, and tomorrow’s, opportunities while delving into the latest trends, innovations, and business strategies shaping the photo print market.

Diversity in the photo & video industry.
Gender matters.

While female consumers are often the primary purchasers of photo or video products, women have historically been underrepresented among startup founders and enterprise executives in our industry. However, things are changing. Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring four trailblazing women who will share their experiences and insights.

Discover how companies can benefit from greater gender diversity, and explore actionable steps we can all take to dismantle the remaining barriers.

Scalable imagery for ecommerce.
The new frontier for innovation.

It’s hardly news that visuals sell. Ecommerce relies on compelling photos and videos to inform and entice customers, so procuring these visuals is a necessary cost of doing business.

But what if, with a little help from AI, still images and videos could be captured or generated at unprecedented scale, and individualized with just a few clicks – all at a fraction of historical budgets?

In this panel we’ll examine the opportunities and challenges of developing – or implementing – next-generation scalable solutions to capture, curate, modify and manage visuals, for businesses ranging from SMBs to global brands.

Photos & videos are more than a collection of dead pixels.
But how to empower consumers to engage with their imagery?

We all face an overload of photos & videos – those we’ve taken ourselves, shared with us by friends & family, or thrust upon us by social media and advertising. How could innovative products empower consumers to re-discover the joy of engaging with visual content rather than mindlessly scrolling through?

Hear from 4 entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of tackling this challenge straight on, discover what types of solutions get traction, and learn how they could be monetized.

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