Vivid-Pix announces API for patented image-correction technology

Improved photos and documents help Baby Boomers relive memories

Atlanta, GA – Vivid-Pix, the inventor of easy-to-use image-improvement software, announces the availability of an API for its patented Picture-Fix image-correction technology. The one-click-fix technology is already in use in the company’s own LAND & SEA series and RESTORE software products.

Vivid-Pix RESTORE in a kiosk application

The addition of an API offers developers Vivid-Pix’s proven consumer-friendly image-correction technology for all types of software, hardware, and kiosks. An estimated 5 trillion old photos and countless more documents, containing precious family memories, are waiting to be scanned and restored to their original vibrancy.

“Vivid-Pix now provides solutions for three distinct markets,” says Rick Voight, CEO, Vivid-Pix. “We first launched direct-to-consumer software for correcting underwater and travel photos (with LAND & SEA) and then added RESTORE for enhancing faded photos and documents.  “Soon, photo labs were asking for a commercial version for production work, which we have added.  Now, Vivid-Pix has made the leap to become an integral part of a broader imaging ecosystem.”

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About Vivid-Pix

Complementing a historic photography slogan “You press the button, we do the rest”, Vivid-Pix creates Fast, Easy Image Improvement Software. Since launching in 2012, Vivid-Pix has advanced its product to earn the support and the respect of business leaders and photographers in more than 100 countries.  Co-Founder Randy Fredlund has more than 150 digital-imaging patents and has extensive experience in Research, Development and Commercialization, enabling him to translate theory into practice. Rick Voight has created billion-dollar businesses through Product Development, Sales and Marketing for Eastman Kodak and Hewlett-Packard. The Vivid-Pix Team is a far-flung group of excellent people who deliver software that “Give your pics the Vivid-Pix Fix!

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