Waldo announces digital photo and video pass

Waldo Photos, an AI-powered photo and video platform, announced its new combined Digital Photo & Video Pass for photographers who shoot photos and videos at competitions and performances. The new offer allows for bundling photos and videos into a single sale and provides seamless delivery to customers via the Waldo app.

“I’m incredibly excited to announce we’re adding the option for pro photographers to bundle photos and videos together in a single Digital Photo & Video Pass for their customers”, said Rodney Rice, CEO Waldo Photos, “Combined with Waldo’s other time-saving and conversion increasing features, including our QR code and text-code onboarding, facial and numbered jersey recognition, and patented FaceBlocker digital proof delivery, the Digital Photo & Video Pass will allow our pro photographers to further simplify their workflow when looking to sell photos and videos from a single event.”

Pro photographers, are you ready to improve your photo and video management and experience the power of Waldo’s Digital Photo & Video Pass? Sign up for your 30-day free trial at waldo.pro.