When one camera doesn’t do it all, from Suite 48a research

Hans Hartman of Suite 48a recently shared some insights from the recent Beyond smartphones and digital cameras – The Long Tail of Cameras survey, conducted a few months ago among 1,055 North American respondents who take at least 5 photos a month.

As shown in the chart above, 63% of the respondents or their partner own a digital camera, showing there is still healthy household penetration of standalone cameras. Also, there’s a growing penetration of what Hartman calls “long-tail cameras” – any camera besides a smartphone or digital camera – where 17% of households own some type of long-tail camera at this point. These devices are extraordinarily varied, ranging from action cameras, instant print cameras and pet cams, and not one category are owned by greater than 7% of respondents or their partners.

Hartman added a vendor panel at Visual 1st, October 22-23 in San Francisco, will address this topic. The panel, “The exploding mix of image capture options: smartphones, digital cameras, and the Long Tail of Cameras,” will explore how these various capture devices can be integrated into solutions for visual enhancement, sharing, memory preservation, and printing. The panel speakers are:

[Editor’s Note: The Dead Pixels Society is a media sponsor of Visual 1st.]