WhiteWall now offering ultraHD black-and-white prints

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WhiteWall brings ultraHD prints to black-and-white

WhiteWall is now offering ultraHD black-and-white prints. The ultraHD sharpening on three types of Ilford photo paper – PE photo paper with a glossy or matte surface, as well as genuine baryte prints – offers an unprecedented level of clarity and precision, the company said.  The new feature activated Aug. 30 in the product configuration under the “WhiteWall ultraHD sharpness” option.

Inspired by the LEICA M Monochrom, WhiteWall expanded its black and white range in 2013 and added baryta paper to its product line. WhiteWall is one of the few labs still offering photo prints on baryta paper. Exactly ten years later, WhiteWall is introducing ultraHD sharpening to its black and white prints as well. For this process, a special investment was made in a new imagesetter featuring the latest technology, which guarantees extremely accurate detail reproduction and strong contrasts.

WhiteWall ultraHD sharpening can be selected for Ilford prints with a glossy or matte surface, or with a baryt surface as a special highlight. The matte and glossy prints are available in a customized format up to a maximum size of 240 x 122 cm. Whether laminated behind acrylic glass, framed or as a classic print, all prints made on black-and-white photo paper have one thing in common: they are absolutely free of color casts, the company claims.