Sony announces “BURANO”, digital cinema camera with PL-Mount

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Sony Burano digital cinema camera

Sony Electronics announced the new BURANO camera, a new 8.6K model from their CineAlta lineup of digital cinema cameras. Designed for single-camera operators and small crews and featuring a sensor that matches the VENICE 2, the new BURANO combines exceptional image quality with high mobility. BURANO is the world’s first digital cinema camera with a PL-Mount to feature in-body image stabilization. Additionally, when the PL lens mount is removed, the camera can be used with E-mount lenses to support Fast Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) and Subject Recognition AF, ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects.

“The BURANO gives filmmakers new options to help push the boundary of filmmaking. It’s the perfect camera for both scripted and unscripted projects, including commercial, wildlife, or documentary styles. This camera will be a wonderful addition to be used on set alongside our lineup of digital cinema cameras,” explains Theresa Alesso, President, Imaging Products and Solutions Americas, Sony Electronics.

The BURANO has a compact and lightweight body for high mobility, measuring over an inch shorter and more than three pounds lighter than the VENICE 2. The camera is housed in a rugged magnesium chassis. The BURANO is equipped with a full-frame sensor that shares many of the specifications of the VENICE 2 and can work alongside the VENICE 2 on both scripted and unscripted productions.

Sony claims the BURANO is the world’s first digital cinema camera with an interchangeable E-mount and PL-mount lens to support built-in image stabilization. With a newly developed image stabilization mechanism and control algorithm that leverages the advanced image stabilization technology cultivated in the α series of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, unwanted camera shake, such as movement from shooting handheld or walking, can be corrected when shooting with an E-mount or PL-mount lens.

Sony offers a range of more than 70 E-mount lenses that can be used with the BURANO when filmmakers need a smaller, lighter, or wider lens set up