Delkin 6K-Ready PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD Memory Cards are Back & Better

PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards

Delkin Devices announced the return of one of their former top-selling high-speed memory lines: PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards. Leveraging today’s most advanced technology, Delkin’s new and improved PRIME SD cards offer professional-level performance.

Rated Video Speed Class 60 (V60) and utilizing two rows of pins, Delkin PRIME SD cards boast recording speeds surpassing 150MB/s for everyday shooting, as well as data-intensive modes like 8K, 6K, 4K, and Full HD 1080p video at high frame rates. These cards guarantee a minimum sustained write speed of 60MB/s, allowing for simultaneous multi-file recording and ensuring that data is written swiftly and safely to the card. They also support high-resolution RAW burst photography, never missing those precious split-second moments! This is especially valuable during special events like weddings, sporting events, concerts, and other situations you cannot redo.

“Back and better than before, PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD cards have filled that void that we felt was missing for the past several years,” says Jenn Sherry, Delkin’s Retail Sales & Marketing Manager. “As there is a camera for every type of photographer and videographer, so also should there be a memory card for every type of camera. PRIME SD is the perfect middle ground for shooters who do not require the high-speed capabilities of V90 yet need more than what V30 can provide.”

Delkin PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards are also capable of offloading data at speeds reaching up to 280 MB/s, ensuring the quickest, most efficient data transfer from card to computer for immediate file access and sooner post-production start time.

Delkin products are sold through authorized camera stores worldwide.