DNP’s new Party Print Web Service crowdsources event photos

DNP Imagingcomm America (DNP) has announced a Party Print web service for event photos. The Party Print system works with a professional photographers workflow, allowing guests to upload their own camera phone pictures to an online gallery for sharing. This is being positioned as an alternative way to share special event photos, compared to texting, AirDrop and social media albums.

Party Printer users can upload the photos event they’ve taken, using a QR code, and share them via a live feed, with other guests able to download full-resolution copies, get prints on location and see the photos displayed in a large-screen slide show. The system supports multi-day events and geofencing allows the system to support a wide area.

“Our new Party Print web service is an amazing new product for photographers, DJ’s, event venues and event managers,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP Imagingcomm America Corp. “They can offer it to their clients for a fixed fee, bundle it with other services or they can charge for prints. If they already own a DNP photo printer, all they do is pay a low fee per event, giving them a flexible new profit stream.”

Because the entire service is web-based, customers can manage their Party Print events from anywhere using a modern web browser running on a Mac, PC, or tablet. Via the customer web portal, events are created and scheduled, custom graphics can be added to the event’s live feed, custom print borders can be uploaded and the feed can be prepopulated with images. A unique QR code for each event is made available for tent cards, signs, and posters used at the event to build awareness and encourage photo taking.

Party Print is currently in private beta by invitation only. The service will be available to all customers beginning April 24, 2023. Pricing consists of a $9.95 monthly membership subscription plus a per-event fee of only $24.95. High-volume pricing will be available later in the year.