Dutch startup IXXI launches photo subscription plan

North Brabant-based IXXI, a startup specializing in personalized wall decoration, announced IXXI Play, a photo subscription plan, according to Silicon Canals. According to the company, this patented product transforms photos into collages, blocks, calendars, and books, encouraging users to appreciate big and small moments.

“This way, users are truly encouraged to be mindful of their most precious moments, big and small,” says the company.

IXXI Play comes when people want to organize photos more consciously, claims the company. The subscribers will receive ten photos of their choice every month or every other month. These photos can be displayed on their wall, in an IXXI photo pad, or collected in an IXXI photo book.

“In a time when photos are often quickly stored and forgotten, IXXI Play offers an alternative that enhances awareness of precious memories. It’s more than just a photo subscription; it’s a way to tell and cherish your personal visual story,” says Luc Kickken, Product Manager at IXXI, as quoted in the Silicon Canals article.  “With IXXI Play, we aim to inspire people to enjoy those small moments, to keep playing and experimenting with them.”

IXXI is a Dutch design brand specializing in wall decoration with the patented IXXI system, which enables users to easily create a personal and flexible wall decoration, consisting of square cards and connecting crosses. The Dutch company offers a unique collection in collaboration with prominent brands, talented designers, photo agencies, and prominent museums such as Van Gogh Museum, Disney, National Gallery London, Getty Images, MAI, Studio Boot, Miffy, and Museo Nacional del Prado.