Transforming Your Video Marketing Strategy with Mike Vanelli

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In this episode of the Dead Pixels Society podcast, Mike Vanelli, creative director of  Envy Creative illuminates the rapid evolution of the video marketing industry. Vanelli shares the trends and techniques for anyone looking to reach their audience on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram with videos that pack a punch in way less time than your morning coffee run. Vanelli brings his Los Angeles expertise straight to our conversation, revealing the magic behind Envy Creative’s full-spectrum production capabilities: scriptwriting, ready-to-shoot standing sets, and a troupe of actors who can bring any message to life.

Host Gary Pageau and Vanelli discuss the common hurdles small businesses face and spin them into opportunities, showing how to slice and dice longer videos into engaging morsels that keep your brand at the forefront. Step away from the noise of raw, user-generated content and into the realm of polished yet punchy advertising pieces that blend professionalism with entertainment. Join us for a deep dive into the creative and technological forces shaping video marketing today, offering practical advice and thought-provoking strategies to ensure your content not only turns heads but turns profits too.