Five female photographers selected from Hasselblad Heroines public nominations

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Helga Stentzel, Li Guo, Svetlana Jovanovic, Ceridwen Hughes, Chalana Smissaert.

Hasselblad has selected five women photographers as Hasselblad Heroines, an annual event that aims to inspire and empower female photographers while highlighting the diversity and talent within the industry. As the event enters its fifth year, it was launched with a public nomination open to the world and uncovered five exceptional female photographers – each with their own unique views and styles.

The five Heroines have each demonstrated unparalleled creativity, innovation, and a distinctive visual narrative. They include:

  • Helga Stentzel, a master of visual storytelling from the UK, infuses her vibrant imagination into whimsical still-life compositions, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary tales.
  • Netherland-based photographer Svetlana Jovanovic explores the intersection of fashion and fine art photography. Her captivating images blend emotions and redefine beauty, establishing her as a significant influence in the fashion industry.
  • Chalana Smissaert, also from the Netherlands, focuses on landscape photography and transports viewers to enchanting, fairytale-like scenes that evoke wonder and ethereal beauty.
  • Deeply influenced by the cultures of two ancient capitals, Li Guo from China bridges Eastern and Western cultures through captivating fashion and beauty portraits, integrating tradition and modernity.
  • Ceridwen Hughes, from the UK, is a visual storyteller who looks to portray patients as more than their condition – encouraging people to have a deeper understanding of the individual through the transformative power of photography.

Starting in August, each Hasselblad Heroine will be celebrated in a monthly spotlight series across various Hasselblad channels, where they will have engaging conversations to inspire and empower photographers while showcasing their diverse journeys and sources of inspiration that have shaped their successful careers.