Mastering marketing consistency: Strategies for small businesses with Kate McQuade, P360

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Picture your business’s voice echoing with unmistakable clarity across the digital expanse—this is the power of consistency in marketing that Kate McQuade, Senior Director of Marketing at P360, unpacks in the latest Dead Pixels Society podcast conversation with Gary Pageau. With her extensive background, McQuade illustrates why a solid, unified brand message is more than just a good idea; it’s a fundamental pillar in carving out a memorable identity in the tech and healthcare sectors. She unravels the basics of marketing, where the durability of your brand’s core message intertwines with the threads of creative campaigns that keep your audience captivated when introducing technological innovations.

McQuade reveals the metrics that pave the road to success, from the tangible terrain of sales figures to the abstract vistas of social media engagement.

The discussion doesn’t end at strategy—it continues into the very nexus of marketing operations: data management. She shares insights on CRM systems and integrated POS solutions that make sense of customer trends with the ease of a seasoned sailor charting familiar waters. McQuade also touches on the generational mosaic of consumer behavior, urging an adaptive approach to messaging that resonates whether your audience is loyal Boomers or trendsetting Gen Z.