announces release of third-generation AI-powered app, the developer of AI-powered storytelling photo services and apps, announced Version 3 of its widely used mobile platform, providing a broader set of features and enhancements.  The company announced that it has already signed 9 new white-label customers for its V3 platform, with 4 current customers upgrading from various earlier versions.

Improved layflat experience

Among the updates:

    • New Products: Mugs, wall-art, tote bags, prints and more products are now supported, powered by’s smart layout engine, which will intelligently layout photos so that faces (and pets) are not cropped due to different product shapes and limitations.
    • New product management system: Helps customers manage their own catalogs and logistics, with the ability to turn on/off individual products at will without an app refresh.  Various products can also be featured each week via a powerful back-end dashboard which is all part of the V3 platform.
    • New algorithmic layouts: This AI engine enables an infinite number of layouts depending on the aspect ratio, content and salient objects in each photo.  Users do not have to limit the number of photos they wish to use, nor pick a collage template.  This makes the app lighter and smarter.
    • Native E-Commerce module and CRM: In this new version, user management, shopping cart and payments are now native within the app, providing advanced shopping features like Click-n-pick from any store, send to multi-recipients, pay in-store or pay-in-app, integrating ApplePay, GooglePay and the Klarna Buy now, Pay later service which is very popular in Europe.
    • Conversion Engine: V3 also features a brand new user flow where conversion from launch to purchase is designed into the flow.  Customers can set rules to automatically cross-sell and upsell from Prints to Books, Canvas to Prints, Prints to prints with frames and many other possible combinations.  Intelligent messaging is also built-in to automatically re-target cart abandonment and incomplete projects.  
    • New holistic photo-picking experience: a proprietary photo browsing and selection flow was developed to incorporate AI-powered photo grouping and hand-picking by users.  This is holistically integrated into a single common experience across the app.  Users can now mash up any number of photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and Dropbox for each project;  Thumbnails of each photo display in full frame without cropping into a square thumbnail with convenient display filters for various aspect ratios.  So finding a panorama photo for the cover wrap is no longer a challenge.
    • Elastic Book Experience: V3 also features an industry-first in photobook apps; every single page in the photobook design flow features a new proprietary Elastic Book user interface.  Users can unpinch anywhere to zoom into each page to see crisp details and features in their photos. engineers specially built a dynamic image decoding pipeline to pull ever-increasing level of details from all the photos on a page as the user stretches each page surface.
    • Premium themes: Version 3 users can now offer cover themes priced at a premium. This is an option for venues or retailers who have access to licensed, seasonal or exclusive content. 

Watch video demos of various features of V3 on the blog post.

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