Radiant Photo unveils update with advanced Portrait and Color Style tools

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Color Style Tools

Radiant Photo launched its 1.3 update, introducing  Portrait and Skin Tone tools that accurately preserve and enhance the natural beauty of every skin type and tone. The new Color Style tools allow precision control for advanced photo editing. This update is free for everyone who owns Radiant Photo.

Portrait Tools

The new subject-aware Portrait tools feature 10-level skin tone detection, as well as depth and automatic color cast corrections, providing users with unprecedented control over balancing their subjectslighting and color representation. Simultaneously, the Color Style tools offer selective color manipulation, enabling precise adjustments for better colors or a creative touch for all photographs.

Radiant Photo 1.3 introduces Portrait tools to enhance skin tones and overall image balance.

The tools include:

  • Skin Tone Detection: Utilizing advanced scene detection, Radiant Photo analyzes each photo to detect the skin tone of the primary subject. A sliding 10-point scale from light to dark ensures a perfect balance of lighting for every individual.
  • Skin Tone Balance: The all-new Skin Tone Balance slider precisely balances light, color, and overall scene aesthetics. This results in a natural and accurate representation of skin tones.
  • Skin & Depth Bias: This control repairs exposure flaws caused by digital cameras and provides additional depth adjustment options.
  • Infrared Removal: Digital cameras capture more infrared light than the human eye sees. As a result, people in photos often appear redder than the subject really was. Radiant Photo’s Infrared Removal automatically detects and removes infrared from flesh tones.
  • Color Cast Removal: This option effectively removes unwanted color spill from solid or dark backgrounds, offering automatic white balance correction for a studio-quality finish.

New Color Style Tools for precision control

The Radiant Photo 1.3 update also introduces a Color Style toolset, empowering users to precisely manipulate specific colors for more creative editing.

With the new Selective Color tool, photographers can target and manipulate specific colors with precision, adjusting hue, saturation, luminance, range, and feather for customized effects. Split Color Warmth divides photos into warm and cool zones, allowing users to emphasize color differences and create stunning split-tone effects, but for color. Or you can warm up areas that are too cold to create a better color balance. These new tools can be used in conjunction with Radiant Photo’s other Color Grading options, applying LOOKs or adding a Graduated Filter effect shaping the light and controlling the focal point in an image.