Social photo app VSCO names Eric Wittman as new CEO

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VSCO CEO Eric Wittman

The social photo app VSCO, appointed the current company president, Eric Wittman, as CEO. The former CEO and cofounder Joel Flory moves to executive chairman and cofounder Greg Lutze stays on as chief experience officer. VSCO gained notoriety in recent years on the basis of the “VSCO girl trend.” Wittman is an “experienced operator deeply passionate about our space and, more importantly, he has a vision for the future,” Flory told Fortune in an interview.

According to a statement on the VSCO website from the co-founders:

From the beginning, we set out to build something for creators by creators that would last well beyond us. As a designer and photographer, Greg and I have poured everything we could into building VSCO to meet the needs of creators like ourselves. And over the past 13 years, you have inspired us daily to keep building for this community.

There has never been a better and more challenging time to be a creator than today. As the creator economy is staged for another explosive transformation, we see how you strive for economic independence from traditional mediums and platforms. We see how scary and exciting it can be to embrace new technologies like A.I. and Web 3. And it is not lost on us that through it all, you still come to VSCO to experiment, learn from other creators, and make the stuff you want to make on VSCO. It is a privilege and honor to hold this space, and we know we can do more to help you thrive.

We’re excited to appoint a new CEO and leader to help drive this next chapter of VSCO. Our vision has always been to support creators, and it has never been more apparent to us to lean into what creators need and want right now.

Since joining VSCO two years ago, Eric Wittman has driven immeasurable innovation and focus on building for creators – from launching Spaces, to VSCO Pro and, more recently, bringing VSCO Studio to the web. His passion and care for our community and vision for how we can support you and your creative journeys over the next decade is something we’re excited to build with him. The best part is we are just getting started. Over the coming months, we will be launching new ways for you to create and find inspiration on the web, along with opportunities to showcase your creativity and “make it” as a creative.

As for Greg and I, we aren’t going anywhere. VSCO remains our home, and we will continue to be an active member of this community every day. I will be moving into the Executive Chairman role and staying involved in helping creatives make it with VSCO. Greg will be staying on as the Chief Experience Officer, working closely with our community to continue building on our mission of supporting creatives.

We love that you can be yourself here to create and make the things that inspire you. To find the support and connection, you need to keep creating. We can’t wait to see what you make. Thank you for being part of this community, and see you on VSCO.