Tenba launches Sue Bryce Collection

There are four bags in the collection: the Hat Box Shoulder Bag, Hat Box Roller, Tote 15 and Backpack 15.

These bags combine fashionable good looks with a practical design that meets the needs of professional photographers, and it’s all wrapped up beautifully in pebble-grain, vegan-friendly black leather with distressed, vegan-friendly brown leather trim and antique brass hardware.

There are four bags in the collection: the Hat Box Shoulder BagHat Box RollerTote 15 and Backpack 15. Each bag in the collection will carry up to two mirrorless or DSLR cameras with the three most popular 2.8 professional zoom lenses: 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm, and all bags are sized to meet the carry-on requirements for U.S. domestic and international flights.

Hat Box Shoulder Bag

This is the bag that inspired it all—a Hat Box of exquisite details, but with an interior that’s fine-tuned to protect a working professional camera system: Two cameras, each with mounted 2.8 zoom lenses, with additional space for 1-2 more lenses or strobes. It meets international carry-on requirements, and the rear trolley strap allows it to slide securely over the handle of the Hat Box Roller (or any other rolling case). A lightweight internal frame provides excellent rigidity and ensures equipment protection on all sides.

Hat Box Roller

How do you improve on the timeless design of a Hat Box? By adding wheels, of course. Built with the same beautiful details as the Hat Box Shoulder Bag, the Hat Box Roller takes the weight of a professional camera kit and puts it all on a pair of smooth-rolling wheels. Since the Roller meets international carry-on requirements, it will travel with ease anywhere in the world. Like the Hat Box Shoulder Bag, the tethered lid allows the case to keep a small footprint in tight spaces.

Backpack 15

This is the all-day comfort queen of the Sue Bryce Collection — a workhorse backpack that fits a camera system and a 15-inch laptop. Not only is it carry-on compatible, but it will even fit under the seat of most airplanes. Expandable side pockets can fit anything from a water bottle to a tripod. A slim hip belt provides support and load balancing and is removable when you want to slim down the pack. And the rear trolley strap allows the pack to slide over the handle of a rolling case.

Tote Bag 15

When speed is paramount, the Tote is the answer. This bag enables quick transitions between locations with a full professional camera system and a laptop up to 15 inches. It meets international carry-on requirements, and the rear trolley strap allows it to slide securely over the handle of the Hat Box Roller. It can be carried comfortably with either the vegan-friendly leather handles or the padded shoulder strap. The padded dividers can be positioned to create a separation between camera gear on the bottom level and personal items on top.


The Tenba Sue Bryce bags deliver unique style, luxurious materials and all-weather protection for professional photographers and filmmakers. They are available for purchase and immediate shipment from Tenba.com. The bags are priced at $229.95 for the Tote 15, Backpack 15 and Hat Box Shoulder Bag, and $329.95 for the Hat Box Roller.

About Tenba

Since 1977, Tenba has been making innovative carrying case solutions for professional photographers and filmmakers and their full equipment arsenal. We never compromise, and neither should you. To find more information about the Tenba Sue Bryce Collection, visit http://www.tenba.com