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Three ways marketing will change post-COVID 19


Guest post by Audrey Lipman

American businesses spend around $12 billion a year on advertising and marketing. Most business owners realize, without great marketing campaigns, it will be hard to attract a wider audience. 2020 has been unlike any year due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Businesses around the world are having to adapt to the new reality brought on by this virus.

Being unable to open doors to physical business locations has taught entrepreneurs a few lessons about marketing their products/services. The COVID-19 pandemic will change the way businesses use marketing for a long time to come. Below are some of the ways this health crisis will change the landscape of marketing.

1. Business can’t anymore ignore the need for an online presence

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 50% of businesses in the United States had a website. Once this crisis started to shut down the physical locations businesses had, the need for an online presence became more evident than ever before. Businesses without a website or online presence have struggled to stay profitable throughout this ordeal.

Instead of allowing another global problem to shut down your ability to make money, you need to realize the value of a website, great content, and the use of social media. While you will have to invest money to get these digital assets built and off the ground, it will be worth every penny. The key to having success with the construction of a business website is by hiring an experienced web designer. Taking a look at the portfolio a web designer has can help you figure out whether or not they are the best fit.

2. Promotional products are an essential investment for small businesses

If your physical storefront was shut down by COVID-19, you realize how hard it is to keep consumers engaged and interested in your brand. Many businesses are finding it difficult to keep customers loyal during this global pandemic. If you want to keep your brand fresh in the minds of consumers, then the use of promotional products is a must.

Sending out branded items like custom softball socks or T-shirts can help you spark the interest of a consumer. If you have a website in place, getting the mailing address of visitors will be easy if you have contact forms in place. Investing in unique and well-made promotional products is a wise move. By investing in these items, you can keep your small business visible and relevant throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

3. Consumers want to deal with companies that are compassionate

Another valuable marketing lesson COVID-19 has taught entrepreneurs is that consumers want to use businesses that have a human side. Throughout this global pandemic, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been reaching out to those in need and lending a helping hand. Making this type of compassion and charity a part of your company’s mission statement is important.

Showing consumers how much you care about them and others in need is a great way to keep them loyal. Posting about the charitable work you are doing behind the scenes on your website’s blog is a wise move. Keeping consumers in the loop makes them feel like they are part of your team.

Start developing your online presence right now!

Are you struggling to stay profitable during the COVID-19 health crisis? If so, the main thing you need to focus on is connecting with online consumers. Using a website and routine social media posts to spread the word about your business and the services/products you offer is crucial. Allowing marketing professionals to help you establish an online presence can help you avoid mistakes.

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