Urbanimmersive launches AI-enhanced printed photo book solution for real-estate marketing

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Urbanimmersive Inc., a provider of solutions for real estate marketing, announced the launch of an AI-enhanced printed photo book solution. This new product introduction is an embodiment of the vertical integration of the operations of Urbanimmersive with its technologies, visual content, services, data integration, and sophisticated designs with its state-of-the-art HomeVisit printing facilities in Chantilly, Va., acquired last year, the company said. The printed photo book is strategically oriented to bolster the adoption of the company’s proprietary digital twin offerings by including our 2D floor plans in the printed photo book.

Photobook images storytelling is supported by the integration of AI room identification for methodically selecting and sequencing the property’s essence. Moreover, the photo book’s seamless inclusion of our 2D floor plans, derived directly from Urbanimmersive’s 3D digital twin technology. The company will also offer the inclusion of QR codes in the photo book, which will be linked directly to Urbanimmersive’s digital assets such as property websites and 3D digital twins, representing an added value strategic move.

Offered as a turn-key option through the company’s real estate photography and 3D scanning services, the AI-enhanced photo book will also be offered as a Vertical SaaS (VSaaS) to independent photographers, the company said. The VSaaS provides turn-key solutions for selling, managing, and delivering the photo book, even offering sales taxes management solutions required for tangible product sales in the United States.

“Coming from an internal study we have conducted, more than 40% of our existing clients (within the 20,000 clients using our platform) use printed materials from various third-party providers, having to deal with image transfers, revisions, media format and file sizes, among other things,” stated Ghislain Lemire, CEO, Urbanimmersive. “We believe this new printed product’s effortless ordering option will have an immediate impact on our sales while retaining and attracting new agents for the service and independent photographers for the VSaaS.