Worldwide Photo Imaging Market Trends conference announced for May 4-6

The Dead Pixels Society announces the Pro Imaging CONNECT: Worldwide Photo Imaging Market Trends virtual conference May 4-6, for a global look at the photo/imaging markets featuring some of the top industry research firms. Each of these sessions, starting at 11 a.m. EST, is designed to be information-packed in a less-than-two-hours program format.

Registration is free at this link.

The free Pro Imaging CONNECT “Worldwide Photo Imaging Market Trends” virtual conference is hosted by Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society/InfoCircle LLC.

North America

The event kicks off May 4 with Rise Above Research analysts Ed Lee and David Haueter discussing North American photo and device trends.

The US Photo Print Market After COVID-19

The US photo print market has gone through a lot of change over the last several years and existing market trends were accelerated by COVID-19. In this session, David Haueter of Rise Above Research will give an update on the US photo printing market. He will provide highlights from their recent consumer survey, including how consumer printing habits changed during COVID-19, as well as discuss areas of opportunity. Top-level forecast data will also be provided.

US Photo Merchandise Market Trends & Opportunities

The US photo merchandise market fared better than many other markets during the pandemic, as many consumers finally found time to create and order photo products. In this session, David Haueter of Rise Above Research will talk about some key areas of opportunity within the photo merchandise market, based on their latest consumer survey, as well as discuss how consumer buying habits were impacted by COVID-19. Top-level forecast data will also be provided.

The Role of Aspiring Photographers n the Future of Photography

Aspiring photographers are people who are no longer satisfied with just taking snapshot photos. They have or are developing a passion for photography and want to feed it by taking their skills to the next level. In this session, Ed Lee of Rise Above Research will define who they are, their part in the future of photography, and what role photo merchandise plays in their lives.

Western Europe and video possibilities

On May 5, Jeremy Wills of Futuresource will present Western European photo output trends and Hans Hartman of Suite 48a will present, Video creation apps: What is driving the market. Do-It-Yourself video creation apps, which are used by non-video professionals, are a powerful driver behind the current surge in sharing and in the viewing of user-generated videos. In this session, Hans Hartman from Suite 48 Analytics will present highlights from the new DIY Video Creation Apps study. The study takes a deep dive into the trends at the core of more than 80 successful DIY video creation apps, including smartphone, web, and desktop-based apps.

Asia and graphic opportunities

The May 6 program features Don Franz, publisher of Photo Imaging News will review key market developments in Asia, along with new approaches to wedding photography. Also presenting will be Aaron Day, global partnership lead at Canva, who will showcase how personalization and graphic trends are driving business in Asia.

Gold sponsors for the conference are Canva and Photo Finale and silver sponsors are Autopilot Print and Mediaclip. For sponsorship information, contact Pageau at [email protected].