Xencelabs signs Hunt’s Photo & Video as an authorized U.S. reseller

Hunt’s store interior

Startup pen-tablet maker Xencelabs Technologies Ltd. signed Hunt’s Photo & Video as an authorized reseller in the United States. The new relationship creates a wider audience for Xencelabs’ full line of Pen Tablets and accessories through the strong reputation and relationships Hunt’s has formed within the photography and digital imaging markets, the company said.

“It’s all about long-term relationship-building beyond just making a one-time sale,” said Noah Buchanan, Manager of Outside Sales Development and Specialty Markets at Hunt’s Photo & Video. “Our customers know they can pick up the phone, visit us, or send us an email, and they look to us as a trusted resource for answering their questions and showing them the newest gear.”

“It’s important to continually stay close to the market and understand what professionals need,” said Gary Farber, Outside Sales Director, at Hunt’s. “It comes down to providing the same level of support and service whether a customer is walking into one of our satellite stores, visiting us in person at a trade show, or chatting online during a virtual session.”

Xencelabs Small and Medium tablet

“Hunt’s is such an established and credible presence in the photo and video markets,” said Hannah Imperial Cannon, Director of Business Development, Xencelabs. “Their team understands the challenges professionals face and are always ready to help customers with anything they need. Our Pen Tablet is such a great fit for the photography market, and Hunt’s is the right partner to help bring the two together.”

The Hunt’s team noted the recent significant shifts in the photography workflow with more tools available for every step from acquisition to final delivery, and how the Xencelabs products are a perfect match for current imaging production requirements.

“Tablets are definitely playing a bigger role in speeding up the post-production workflow as more creative professionals learn how much easier they are to use compared to a mouse,” said Farber. “The Xencelabs tablets have the right combination of performance, functionality and ergonomics, plus they’re small enough to take on the road in your laptop or camera bag.”

Hunt’s is also focused on taking a more interactive approach to industry relations, conducting events, conferences, and seminars with professionals and industry partners – in person when possible but recently all-virtual, according to a press release. As part of this series, Hunt’s is hosting a webinar with Bill Lindsay, Xencelabs’ Trainer and Enterprise Sales Manager, on Nov. 3, 2021 about using the Pen Tablets with Photoshop. Click here to register and attend the event.

“Bill will share information that’s extremely beneficial to our customers such as how you can effectively use a tablet during post-production and performing different editing techniques using Photoshop,” said Buchanan. “They’re going to see the advantages of using a tablet for editing and post-processing. That hopefully will lead to more orders placed but more important, sessions like these are meant to be educational more than promotional. Plus, they are a great way to stay connected to our customers.”

The Dead Pixels Society podcast interviewed Lindsay in June, talking about the new company and how tablets fit into the photography industry. Listen below: