DigiMedia Tech names Kodak licensee JK Imaging in patent suit

DigiMedia Tech LLC has added Kodak brand licensee JK Imaging to its list of targets, according to LawStreetMedia. DigiMedia Tech sued JK Imaging in the Central District of California for patent infringement for camera-related zoom and focus patents. The patents-in-suit are U.S. Patent No. 6,914,635 (the ’635 patent); 6,545,706 (the ’706 patent); 7,715,476 (the ’476 patent). DigiMedia is represented by Cotman IP Law Group, APLC; and Kent & Risley LLC. DigiMedia also filed a similar suit against Sakar International.

As we mentioned last week, LawStreetMedia reported, on June 14, plaintiff Digimedia Tech, LLC filed a patent infringement complaint against Nikon Inc. and Nikon Americas Inc. alleging the camera maker appropriated the same three of Digimedia patents relating to digital camera technology.

DigiMedia Tech doesn’t have a website but its principal office is listed in court documents as 44 Milton Ave., Suite 254, Alpharetta, GA 30009. That address is listed as a co-working space called “Thrive.” According to RPX Insight, DigiMedia Tech, LLC is a non-practicing entity (NPE) “associated with the monetization firm IPInvestments Group LLC, has begun litigating assets from among the dozens of U.S. patents received from Intellectual Ventures LLC in November 2019.” (Incidentally, Intellectual Ventures LLC,  known as “most hated company in tech”, bought a bevy of Eastman Kodak Co. intellectual property in $525 million fire sale in 2009.)

Three of those patents, one generally related to digital camera focusing mechanisms and the other two generally related to tracking the head of a person in a video, are asserted against Fujifilm (7:20-cv-04140) in a Southern District of New York case and against Olympus (2:20-cv-02549) in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.