Lomography announces LomoChrome ’92 ISO 400 film

Lomography announced a new color negative film, LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400, handcrafted as a limited edition production in 35 mm, soon available in 120 and 110 formats. The retail price is $12.90 per roll.

LomoChrome Color ’92 is a regular color negative film designed to capture everyday life with a hint of ’90s nostalgia, the company said. It features a powerful film grain, delivers a soft and mesmerizing look in the sun, and brings a subtle, painterly look to photos taken at dusk. Vibrant reds and clean yellows pop out amongst blue tones, while delicate pastel undertones take everyday snaps to a new dimension. This highly versatile ISO 400 emulsion allows photographers to photograph in different lighting conditions and can be easily developed using standard C-41 processing.

Sample images are below: