Major media outlet discovers film is still around

NBC News recently featured a segment on the enduring popularity of film. The segment’s description states: “After fading in popularity, film photography is seeing a major comeback fueled by younger generations and social media. NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz takes us inside the developing craze with a story shot entirely on film.”

Like most casual consumer treatments of photography, the Lester Holt-hosted segment was heavy on nostalgia and light on the specifics. There was no data indicating the size or growth rate of film photography, the sales of film cameras, or any other metric about the “craze.” Also absent any mention of how to get the film processed.

…and here is the story behind the segment as Schwartz realized there was only one way to really do this story justice. Take a behind-the-scenes look as Gadi shoots a few rolls with photographer Jason Kummerfeldt in Los Angeles: