Olympus no more: OM Digital Solutions to market products as “OM System”

OM Digital Solutions, which was spun out earlier this from Olympus Corp., is replacing the venerable “Olympus” brand name with “OM System” for their digital cameras, lenses, audio products, and other consumer imaging services. In June, 2020, Olympus announced the transfer of its imaging business to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. At that time, JIP said it would continue to use the Olympus brand but didn’t say how long that commitment would last.

As part of the announcement, the company said it would be introducing a new “interchangeable lens camera compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard that will embody the OM SYSTEM concept.”

Since the change in ownership, OM Digital Solutions has continued to introduce new products, including lenses and camera bodies. Partner response has been favorable to the change.

“In 2021, PRO Distributors partnered with OMDS to support Olympus branded products in the independent photo channel,” says Michael Mitchell, executive director, business development, PRO. “During this time we have witnessed  OMDS support retailers and photographers at the highest level. It is fitting to see OMDS begin to chart its own course while paying homage to its history. PRO is excited to see OMDS’s commitment to the imaging industry. We look forward to seeing how innovations from OM Systems influence photographers and videographers for generations to come.”

OM Digital Solutions posted video telling the company’s story: