ShootProof steps in to support Glasser Images clients

ShootProof, an all-in-one photography platform for photographers, has stepped in to offer free access to Glasser Images clients and their important photos, following the high-profile sudden closure of the Bismarck, N.D., portrait studio in early October. The galleries will be available for the photo sessions completed prior to the closing of Glasser Images.

The studio closed suddenly in early October, advising customers and subcontractors via email according to “The past and ongoing effects from the pandemic have caused irreparable damage that has forced this decision to happen extremely rapidly and immediately.” The North Dakota attorney general is also investigating. According to NewsDakota, “Glasser Images received a $245,000 paycheck protection program loan in April, 2020 and another in $257,500 in January 2021 from Starion Bank to help with payroll, utilities, and rent. Glasser Images had more than 60 employees and sub-contractors listed before the website was taken down.”

Upon hearing about the challenges clients and photographers were facing in gaining access to their photos from Glasser Images, ShootProof offered to assist by delivering images to the affected clients through their gallery software. ShootProof is expecting to be able to connect thousands of former Glasser Images clients with their photos.

Stephen Marshall, CEO, ShootProof

“ShootProof was created by photographers to help families capture and preserve life’s most precious memories. It’s at the heart of everything we do,” notes Stephen Marshall, CEO, ShootProof. “We understand, intrinsically, the passion and emotion that goes into documenting these milestone events –  from the perspective of the families and photographers alike. We are happy to be able to help provide some solutions and peace of mind for those impacted.”

Through their corporate giving program called Galleries for Good, ShootProof will host the photo galleries, including free downloads, for impacted Glasser Images clients for free for one year. ShootProof will also unlock all old galleries within the Glasser Images account so former Glasser Images clients can have access to their digital images. Clients can use ShootProof’s new Print Store to easily create photo gifts and personalized keepsakes.

On the photographer side, ShootProof is offering to help these small business owners with a free year of ShootProof’s 5000 Photo Plan (a value of $204) to any photographer that was employed or subcontracted by Glasser Images.

In this week’s Dead Pixels Society podcast, Rachel LaCour Niesen, chief product officer of Foreground (ShootProof’s parent company), addressed the issue.

“It’s a solution that will deliver value to many, many customers and, of course, help preserve those family memories,” she said. “It won’t solve for all of the struggles the families are facing. But it’s certainly, to us, an example of putting our mission into practice and supporting families ongoing access to their memories. We want to ensure the consumers have uninterrupted access to their memories and the photographers also understand that ShootProof is when we see other photographers in moments of challenge or hardship. We want to be able to collaborate and support when we can.”

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